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unnamedWelcome to AZ Lice Pro – I’m glad you found me and I’m sure you’ll be happy you did. I specialize in the safe and effective removal of head lice utilizing the most successful method available today. I come to you 7 days a week and the treatment I use is non-toxic and pesticide free.

After working for one of the other lice removal services, I founded AZ Lice Pro to offer an affordable and natural lice removal treatment. Lice is an epidemic in our country & I want to offer a solution for ALL families in this overwhelming situation.  Many of the companies take advantage of the customers because they are in a desperate situation.  I wanted to have my own business and run it how I would like to be treated as a customer. I believe in being as simple and natural as possible in life. Lice is easy to get rid of, but it is ALWAYS a process. I have streamlined the protocol over the years to make it as simple as possible for the families. I do my best to educate people about lice so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. I’m also a massage therapist so I tend to have a calm presence which is helpful in this situation. People may think the service is expensive, but by the time you’ve tried everything to get rid of it yourself and it’s still there then it would have been cheaper to just hire me. There are certainly ways I could make more money in this business, but I sleep much better knowing I offer an affordable solution to families in need.  I thrive by only using a natural treatment with 100% satisfaction. I provide my lice removal service throughout the Valley of the Sun. Call us now to schedule a appointment.


Why choose us for your lice removal needs? Simple:

  • All natural treatment
  • No need to treat the environment
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Privacy is important
  • Education is key
  • One visit is all it takes though you have a follow-up protocol to follow
  • Cost of treatment is $120 per hour and is pro-rated after first hour.


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