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All natural treatment no chemicals or pesticides are needed to eradicate lice. Any product you put on your skin will eventually be absorbed into your body so why use toxic chemicals when it isn’t necessary?

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Head lice are members of the insect group Pthiraptera, family Pediculidae, which are obligate ectoparasites (parasites that live outside the body of the host).

  • Mobile Service in your home~I come to your family. It’s $120 per hour which $120 is the minimum even if it’s under one hour. It’s pro-rated every 15 minutes after that which is $30 per 15 minutes. There could be a travel charge. Distance and driving time are both considered  when there is a travel fee (fees are $25-$50).
  • In certain situations you can come to my home. (I live near 24th Street and Broadway, South of Sky Harbor) The minimum charge is $60 and it’s pro-rated every 15 minutes after that first 30 minutes so 45 minutes is $90 and so on….

For the above two options I let people set a budget at the minimum amount. If I come to your home the minimum is $120 and possibly a travel fee. If I’m not done in the budgeted time then as long as you continue on with my instructions you’ll still get rid of lice you just have to do more work yourself.

  • The most affordable option is to buy the lice kit which is $40. You only need one kit for everyone. You get the supplies and instructions on how to treat lice yourself. 
  • Free Lice checks – I can help you diagnose over the phone or you can come to me. If I come to you then the charge is the minimum of $120 and possibly a travel fee. You will still get the lice comb and all the information even if you don’t have lice so you’ll never be in the situation again determining if you have lice.









  • All natural treatment  no chemicals or pesticides are needed to eradicate lice. Any product you put on your skin will eventually be absorbed into your body so why use toxic chemicals when it isn’t necessary?
  • No need to treat the environment  With this treatment you won’t have endless loads of laundry, cleaning your home from top to bottom, or bagging up toys for weeks
  • 100% Guarantee  your family will get rid of lice. Please note there will be a protocol to follow after initial treatment to ensure lice are fully eradicated guaranteed! Don’t fall for the 30 day guarantee..you either get rid of lice or you don’t. You will for sure get rid of lice with my protocol
  • Privacy is important  no embarrassing marketing on vehicle and  treatment takes place in the comfort of your own home
  • Education is key  Getting lice doesn’t have to be a burden. I educate you about lice so you understand it’s very treatable
  • One visit is all it takes  no follow up appointment is necessary though there is a follow up protocol to follow which is very simple to follow
  • Get back to life  average treatment time for the entire family is usually 1-2 hours. This can vary depending on number of infected members, hair type, and degree of infestation, but I rarely spend more than 2 hours per family not per person
  • Cost of treatment is $120 per hour ($120 minimum) & additional hours are prorated every 15 minutes no additional cost for products,  There could be a travel fee depending on travel time and distance.  I use your time effectively and efficiently. When considering other companies please notice they usually quote time for each person and not the entire family, they have products you will need to purchase, they usually have a travel fee no matter where you live, their technicians are required to stay a minimum amount of time no matter what,  and the list can go on and on…….Call for an accurate quote. I have options for all budgets you just need to ask. Please view “Pricing” tab.

AZ Lice Pro is Arizona’s most effective and affordable head lice removal service.  I offer mobile services to Phoenix and surrounding areas. I’m committed to bringing my customers the best service. My company is all about quality and treating our customers like family. Call me today to find out more about all of your Arizona Lice removal needs.

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Trust AZ Lice Pro for a quick, safe and private solution when your child brings home head lice. I am a mobile expert in removing head lice so you can get back to doing all the things life has to offer you and your family, like work, school and camp activities.

As parents or kids, we’ve been through the same frustration and embarrassment of fighting head lice and are sympathetic to your needs. You’ll find my service comfortable and kid friendly. I also offer same day appointments.

I have been in the lice removal business since 2010 and have treated 1000’s of people. I take the time to educate the family. My non-toxic treatment is designed to help facilitate lice removal. I proudly offer my mobile service through out the Valley of the Sun.  Call today and let me help you live lice free once again!

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Heather was fantastic. Quick to respond and same day availability!! She was knowledgeable and fast. So thankful for her!!

Samantha from Queen Creek, AZ

Thanks for checking in on us! I am thankful everyday I found you!

Mandy in Chandler, AZ

Heather was awesome! She worked quickly, her price was affordable, and she was super friendly and professional. She used natural products and techniques and gave us tips and tricks to stay lice free-forever!I HIGHLY recommend AZ Lice Pros!

Ayan in Tempe, AZ

Lice is very stressful and a pain to deal with but Heather was amazing! I nanny 2 kids and they both plus their mother had the huge misfortune of getting lice. It was incredible how fast she was able to get here not only fast but super efficient!!! Thanks Heather for being a REAL sport! Highly recommeded!

London in Phoenix, AZ

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