In-Home Lice Removal

Trust AZ Lice Pro for a quick, safe and private solution when your child brings home head lice. We’re mobile experts in removing head lice so you can get back to doing all the things life has to offer you and your family, like work, school and camp activities.

As parents or kids, we’ve been through the same frustration and embarrassment of fighting head lice and are sympathetic to your needs. You’ll find our services comfortable and kid friendly. We also offer same day appointments.

I am professionally trained and use only natural products. We take the time to remove nits properly from each and every strand of hair. Our non-toxic products are designed to help facilitate lice removal. We are proud to offer our mobile services through out the Valley of the Sun.  Call today and let us help you live lice free once again!


Why choose us for your lice removal needs? Simple:

  • All natural treatment (no chemicals or pesticides are needed to eradicate lice. Any product you put on your skin will eventually be absorbed into your body so why use toxic chemicals when it isn’t necessary?)
  • No need to treat the environment (With this treatment you won’t have endless loads of laundry, cleaning your home from top to bottom, or bagging up toys for weeks)
  • 100% Guarantee (your child will be able to go back to school following the treatment and there will be a protocol to follow after initial treatment to ensure lice are fully eradicated guaranteed!)
  • Privacy is important (no embarrassing marketing on vehicle and  treatment takes place in the comfort of your own home)
  • Education is key (Getting lice doesn’t have to be a burden. I educate you about lice so you understand it’s very manageable)
  • One visit is all it takes (no follow up appointment is necessary. I take care of the issue in one visit)
  • Get back to life (average treatment time for the entire family is usually 2 hours. This can vary depending on number of infected members, hair type, and degree of infestation, but I rarely spend more than 2 hours per family not per person)
  • Cost of treatment is $100 per hour (no additional cost for travel or other products except olive oil. I use your time effectively and efficiently. When considering other companies please notice they usually quote time for each person and not the entire family)

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